Saturday, October 18, 2008


" Uth godaaare ! 8 bajj gaye hain, time to wake up ... " Bang bang bang ! Open up now, else I will leave without you !" . I shouted,"Kochar ko bula yaar !, Ill be just around( They were not knowing, it always takes time when you get ready for someone.). " I am going to see HER today, why wont he shut up and wait ... !" I grumbled. "Here I am, Kochar kahan hai, use bulaya??"..Aman says,"Koi fayda nahi, abhi wahan wait karna hai iske baad ! Lets go !".

Ahhh ! Sorry. I have learnt whenever there is an elephant in the room, introduce him ! Scene depicts Me, Aman, Kochar(Gaurav) and HER(Let you know soon) @ IIT. Our first year, batch 'C' and the usual morning blues !

Friday, August 24, 2007

End Of the Immortal Love .........

After a dedication to "HER", I was once again asked the same questions," Were you in true love or do you still have feelings for "HER" ?, Why have not you told her everything ? WHY WHY WHY ? ".... I shuddered to reply the question, I want to answer and make an end to this mystic titillation but every time i think, I feel more attached.

Leave this .... this enigma wont vanish easily!

So after passing 11 std ( Thank God ! , grace marks played the trick in English), I was getting crazier of her and God knows what crap was going on in my mind. They were a chain of events which were disturbing me like hell !

I forgot to mention,"She" was a captain (Of our so called "Sunflower" house, I was in silly " Lily" house) back in class 11 std. I was a regular late comer( still the same !), used to jump school wall to get in the class after the morning 30 min awful mourning, "PRAYER" ( I miss these now).

That time she told," Parag, I am always standing for the latecomers queue to see your face, early in the morning. The smile is very captivating ! ", I was on cloud 9 hearing the Aphrodite praising me ! I wanted to say same words to her but the coward me, didnt even utter a thanks ! I missed my first chance, the very first chance of hitting at her !

Second time we were standing at our school gates, didnt realize the words which poured, " You will be married to a man like this rickshawalla"( Shit ! what did I say, I didnt mean that !) ...
To my surprise she blushed, "I will be married to someone like you!!!!". ( Huh .... What did she say ? Have I heard its "ME" with "HER"??? Neah ... I should visit an ear specialist later in the day !) I said, "You are really funny .... hahaha....".....
[ How can someone kill his golden chance?? I did ! .... If I were "her", would have taken a clear hit at the dude face, to this reply. Come on she was clearly hitting on me and I dazed her with my stupid reply]
All over I ruined my second chance as well !

12 std was the toughest part of my life. My total career depended on that. I heart was bipartite, one part longing for her, other to my goal. Finally i surrendered to my instincts and chose to part from her ! A week then a month .. two months, passed we have not even talked ! I thought this way my liking towards her would fade away and I can make my way to studies but it was not working that effectively. My friend ( who used to accompany me) rather passed her message to me but I resisted to listen. He put in quite an effort to kindle up the dead relation but I was too adamant to put it an end.

Finally our board exams were up and I passed those quite happily and successfully !
but the guilty of not talking to her for nearly half year was roaring wildly !
I failed to clear IIT-JEE that very year ! I thought i was in a way punished for what I did with her and was ready to bear the burden !
I decided to achieve the very thing that kept her away from me..
Alas ! I cleared IIT-JEE the very next year ... Thank God I finally got rid of the dreadful thought of abandoning her when she was not responsible for any part of it...

Story didnt hung up here .... Stilll more ups and downs in IIT ... stay tuned !

Saturday, August 11, 2007

School Days

Amazing ! was the first word i mouthed when i thought about my "golden days" at school.

I chose Science my destination (though sad, coz the hottest chicks around in school shifted to arts and commerce) after boards. Although life was not a cake walk those days, getting school early in morning then JEE coaching made up my day. One thing that made me vibrant and happy was that" One Smile". It was such a charm which made my mind pour all its worries and troubles in a bin. Heart started pounding hard when i first talked to her, really nervous and perplexed. I said , " Hi, are you in the same class ?"( how dumb! I was, she was sitting in my same class for the past one week !) realizing the blunder, i turned slightly to hide her view. but to my surprise she replied,"Hi, my name is **** .Ya, I am in same section." Thank god! I saved my ass from being blown.

Couple of weeks passed, we were good friends then! shared the same seat in every english class( I was damn bad at that subject and the girl..... exceptionally talented) Back then i was not aware of the chemistry we were sharing or rather I was not able to accept what was going on! we were laughing , playing ,fighting( she was too gud at it tooo) and her favourite business my leg-pulling.

Now i was so fond of her, I started giving a visit to her home in evening whenever it was an off from coaching. She was happy too seeing me at her gates in the evening which altogether boosted my morale of visiting her that frequently. In school, my friends started to tease me off her name and she too was not left alone. My friend (who used to accompany me to home) occasionally had a list of rapidfire questions thrown about her which I used to giggle out.

Farewell for our seniors neared and we were all geared for the event. After the school program was over one of my friend asked lets go to my place(later I realized , it was all set coz his girlfriend avoided to get to his place alone), and have a blast! I was having a coaching class the next day in the morning so I declined. Then came the aphrodite herself," Parag , lets go ! Dont be such a jerk. See I am also coming along". Who in the world can deny the power of a GIRL ...
So there i was in his apartment, banging my head to the tunes of Chaiaya Chaiya, then she came blushing," lets have paper dance, now " ."Parag, shall we??"
What?? paper dance and with me? I was the worst dancer on earth and now a paper dance with her??? My feet swelled, i was sweating hard . " Come, lets me see your moves . Let see how far can we do it !". I prayed god ," Plz ! Plz! help me. Let the skills and steps of great ballet dancers on earth, inculcate in me" We stepped on a TIMES OF INDIA, and music began.One Fold.... Two Folds ..... Three Folds. With every fold she was nearing me. Now I was so close to her that i felt fer breath. She told me," Hold me tight, I do not want to miss in now !"
My courage rosed, I held her from back and she put her hand on my shoulder. What a classical pose of every Romeo and Juliet in this world!

By next fold she was completely on my foot and we almost have hugged when someone called off!( That very point I felt like murdering the caller) My friend's girlfriend wished to leave, so he made an end to the party!

Couple of more incidents happened and we finally passed to class XII but the story didnt hung up here !
Ill be adding more to my MP3 shortly .... stay tuned :)